November 18, 2015


In terms of mechanical working, there are a wide variety of tool and machine types, each of which has its own features and functions for specific purposes of working. Apart from the best impact driver which is used to put impact on the screws and drive them, there have a lot of handheld and mini machines for mechanical working in families and in factories. In this article, we will classify these tools and machines in order to put them into their dedicated categories.


  1. Assembling tools and machines

In terms of assembling tools, there are wrenches, pliers, impact driver (screwdriver), clamp and so on. Almost all these tools are used to assemble or detach some parts and details of a machine, device or a type of furniture.

To make it clear, we will give you some examples. Firstly, when your bike has problems with the wheels (tires) or the pedal system, you will have to use an impact driver and a wrench for detaching the screws and get them out of the joints so that you can see the details inside and figure out the cause to the problem exactly.

Secondly, in case the electrical connection of the cooker in your kitchen has trouble. More specific, when you plug the wire into the socket, it appears smoke and the wire seems to be burnt. At that time, you have to unplug the wire and then use the plier to tear the plastic wire cover to check the copper wires.

Another common case is when your refrigerator stops using suddenly. You do not know why it does not continue to work then it is necessary to check both the connection with the electric power and the inside details such as the set – up temperature system.

  1. Outsourcing tools and machines

When it comes to outsourcing tools and machines, we have types of hammers, brushes. There are several types of hammers. The most common type is used to put the force on one certain surface. In addition, there are some electricity – insulation hammers and anti – igniting hammers.

In terms of brushes, we use them to clean details of a machine. It is very dangerous to use our hands to touch parts covered with lubricant and dust. The brushes will help use to remove all the dirt stuck to the machine. In particular, for your vehicles and some appliances in your families, it is extremely to clean them regularly and it is quite difficult to clean some types of them. Therefore, we need brushes.

  1. Cutting tools and machines

Cutting tools consist of scissors, knives, saws and other tools. Scissors are used mainly to cut soft wires, which do not require many dedicated functions and characteristics.

The saws are utilized in case you have to cut wood materials. Nowadays, you can choose one most convenient saw for the work in your families. There are both stationary and handheld types and it is subject to your using purposes to buy a suitable saw.

In addition to the tools listed above, there are more dedicated machines which are mostly used in producing chains in large factories and workshop. For families, some simple tools that have just been mentioned are appropriate and easy to operate.

  1. The cabinet to store mechanical tools

In your house, there should have a cabinet for storing all the mechanical tools. For instance, if you often use those tools for repairing, you ought to store it in only one specific place in order to find them more easily. It is the best to have a wooden cabinet hung on the walls and all the mechanical tools should be stored in that cabinet. Whenever you want to use some tools, you only open the door and take them. There should have different drawers and you had better put each type of tools by functions as said above in each drawer. This will make it easier to look for them. The cabinet also helps to prevent the worn – out of the metal tools.

In this article, we have given you some information about mechanical tools. This is also a common classification of tools for house repairing.