December 9, 2015

Tips for using flat iron for your hair styles

The popularity of curly hair has passed, so did the use of curling iron. With the latest trend of straightened hair, the use of best flat iron come in and make contribution to many in-demand hairstyle. This beauty tool called flat iron has the duty of smoothing your hair by the use of heat and pressure via its ceramic or metal plates. Flat iron is an effective way for straightening hair especially for natural curly hair to get smooth look. But I need to remind you that this tool cannot replace the use chemical straighteners as the effect of smoothing hair by flat iron is just temporary. The main reason is that it uses heat to straighten hair, which is also the reason why you don’t need to worry whether it could have any damage on your hair or not. Today, I will provide you with some tips to use flat iron to create straightened hair styles.

  1. Tips for the preparation
  • Cleaning your hair thoroughly

Never to iron your hair if it is dirty because it won’t deliver the same result of straightening; besides, this act can leave bad outcomes to your flat iron like described by some people as the stupid thing of baking and dirtying your product. These damages can be avoid if you wash your hair first, and you need to do this essential thing before we move to the next important mission of moisturizing hair.

  • Conditioning and moisturizing your hair

Why should we do this part? Obviously you know that the flat iron use heat and pressure onto your hair in order to create the straightened look but this can cause further damage to your hair, especially for the dry hair or worse, the brittle hair. The result can be far-reaching as you might have to cut your hair section that get burned after ironing. Therefore, in order to avoid this brutal result, you need to do the conditioning and moisturizing job well in advance to the use of flat iron.

  • Applying smoothing balm (optional)

You can do this part after finishing the shampooing and conditioning but this is only optional. For people who live in climate that have high level of humidity, your hair can get really messy and ruin the whole work of straightening so this is why you should have a smoothing to help keep the ironed hair longer.

  • Using heat protectant (crucial)

After having done all the necessary step above, you can move to the most important task of applying heat protectant, don’t skip this part due to your laziness or being fooled by flat iron model advertisement of featuring heat protectant as those do not work. You need to take a good care of your hair in advance of ironing so protect it from the press of heat.

  1. Tips for the task of ironing
  • Don’t use oil before the ironing

Why can’t you apply essential oil? Wouldn’t your hair smell better and look nicer if you use oil? The answer is no, the result and effect of ironing won’t be the same if you use oil. But don’t worry you can still apply your favorite essential oil, but after the ironing task.

  • Iron each small section of your hair

It is true that rushing with ironing thicker or wider part of your hair won’t make the job quicker as you won’t have the proper straightened hair as you want it to be.

  • Use the flat iron in slow and steady manner

There is no need to rush when it comes to the task of smoothing your hair, it takes time and effort of your arm strength. You need to keep in mind that ironing need slow but not staying in one hair section for too long; however, you still need to keep the steady movement in order to bring about the best result of smooth hair. My tips is to start at the root of your hair and keep the steadfast manner to the end.

  • Adjust the heat temperature if necessary

Because you hair consist of different sections in which some parts are curlier and some parts are not, you need to use the suitable heat for each sections. This means that you need to do some adjustments on the heat of flat iron for different parts of your hair.