November 14, 2015


How long since the last time you cleaned the whole house? How long since the last time you buy a new thing or new furniture for your house? How long since the last time you change the bed facilities such as blanket, mat or mattress? Why do we ask you such questions? We think that those who often come to our websites are people who always take care of their houses. However, how you care for your houses? Once a month, once a year or once a week you do so? Of course, each individual will give different answers. In general, we can see that people are lazy in making their houses beautiful in spite of the fact that they can clean their houses very regularly. However, we mean that our houses need feeding all the time. In this article, we will help you feed your houses in a proper way.

  1. Cleaning more often

It is necessary for you to clean your houses more often on the grounds that it will absorb more dust and dirt every minute, every hour and every day. If you leave the houses for several days without cleaning, it will become a mess of dust which will gather in every corner of your house. Therefore, you had better do cleaning every day.

To make it easier, you can divide the tasks for your family members so that they can help you clean quickly. One more advantage is that your family members will apprehend the house and the importance of cleaning the house. Next time, they will be willing to do cleaning as one of their duties. All of us want to live in a clean environment, for sure. Therefore, do not forget about cleaning. That is the first task you have to perform in terms of making your house more beautiful.

  1. Buying flowers more often

It is proven that if a house has fresh flowers, it will create more motivation and inspiration for the house owners. Apart from this, the flower scent has the ability to make people happier when they come into the house. As usual, people only buy flowers to display on the table on special occasions in the year such as New Year, Christmas or some traditional vacations. However, now when you know the benefit of buying flowers more often, you had better buy them every day. In the market, there are a lot of flower types so you can choose the one you like most. You had better choose the flowers that have gentle scent. This scent will have the ability to reduce a lot of stress for you and every member in your house. That is why we suggest you buy flowers more often.

  1. Grow more trees

Keeping the living space green all the time is beneficial for your health. We all know that our environment is becoming more polluted on the grounds that there is more waste released indiscriminately. More specific, in our house, when we cook, the smell of all the food mixes together. This smells very bad. In addition, we also throw a lot of waste, including, nylon bags, unused paper and types of bottles. This contributes to the severe pollution of the environment.

Therefore, there should have some ways to make the environment better. One way is mentioned in the first part. That is cleaning. But cleaning is not enough. We ought to grow more trees. The amount of oxygen the trees generate will make the air greener and purer. In addition, the trees also perform their function as a smell – consumer. It will absorb bad smell and give the green smell to the air.

If your house is large, you can design a garden and grow trees. If there is not enough space to make a garden, you can grow some trees and place them in front of the house main door, in the kitchen or in the top floor. Regardless of where you grow trees, you should insure that the air in the house is greener.

Here are some instructions for you to feed your house. We are very delighted to help you choose suitable trees to grow in your house. Please contact us if you need.