August 31, 2016

Some Of The Best And Easiest Tricks In Using The Postpartum Girdle

Postpartum belly gene has long been considered one of the ultimate solution for women to hide imperfections on the body such as abdominal fat condition, buttocks, and enlarged thighs. However, not everyone knows the right usage of this item. This article will give some tips in using the best postpartum girdle effectively and properly.


The use of early postpartum girdle absolutely brings no health benefits. Many women think that as early postpartum girdle will pay them in shape as the original, but they not only benefit nothing for the health but also greatly affect the recovery of the genitalia and pelvis of the mother. Besides, postpartum girdles are made from relatively thick elastic material, which embraces the body causé a bit mysterious, and the hot irritability in which the sweat can’t escape easily causing the redness and skin infections. Also, due to tightening the body, it makes the poor blood vessels circulation causing the body to the state of fatigue. So not all the postpartum girdle can also be used.


According to the instructions of the postpartum girdle manufacturer, to get a reduction in waist effect, each person should wear a postpartum girdle as much time as possible.

However, the reality shows that postpartum girdle is made from stretchy material, the much use will cause your body to become extremely annoying as they are tight to the body. If you have to wear them too much, even when going to bed, it is very difficult.

According to medical experts, the forced in the postpartum girdle can cause mechanical problems in the stomach, typically gastric reflux – the esophagus. It is caused by the pressure of the postpartum girdle which acts strongly upon the abdomen and stomach, thereby making the food contained in the stomach in the risk of reflux into the esophagus. This can seriously affect other organs in the digestive tract.

Also, for those women who have a baby, the mother’s body is still not fully recovered. So, during this time, they should stay healthy, and eat enough. Sisters should not eager to use postpartum girdle early to regain abdominal physique. Because if using too early, it can cause immediate effects like stomach, difficulty breathing, causing obstruction of blood, even the flow circulation is not good, which will affect the health and the recovery of the body.

In addition, pregnant women must not use this product. Caesarean women after 2 months can be used, when wearing the postpartum girdle, the user needs to find a layer of thin fabric to avoid direct exposure to the skin, it is best to wait for healing and then wear. Besides, the sisters should not continuous use postpartum girdle every day, just buckle a few hours and  remove when. If tightening, it will hinder blood circulation, penetrate the skin, causing hot temperature and pimples sores.


According to medical experts, after the birth, the mother’s body is still not fully recovered plus you’ll have a hard time to raise children. So, during this time, you should keep yourself comfortable mood. In addition, experts also recommend that the body of the pregnant women needs some time to the service out of all. If wearing postpartum girdle too early, it can cause the stomach translations, which are stagnant, difficult to shrink the uterus – greatly affecting the maternal health. The time to produce the best translation is about 10-20 days. In the first weeks after birth, you should go back gently, avoiding excessive sedentary to make the  easy translation exit from the body.


Depending on various subjects, there will have a different way of using postpartum girdle. For women with normal, every day can use girdle from 4 – 6 hours / day and use persist from 4-6 months. However, for women after childbirth, especially caesarean section, using postpartum girdle must comply the following times:

After 15 days of birth: Wearing only 1 hour / day

After 3 months of birth: Wearing 2 hours / day

After 6 months of birth: Wearing 4h – 6h / day

Better yet, you should use postpartum girdle after about 20 days – 1 month (with normal birth) and 1-2 months after birth (with a caesarean section – the incision has healed completely) to get the full recovery for the body.