December 9, 2015


In the kichen, there are many electric equipment that be used to prepare, cooking and washing for the meals. When you are looking for a cooking equipment, this is the largest and the most diversity field in the kitchen, not only by the number of equipments and brands but also thenumber of funtions and features of them. Some of the most common electric cooking equipment in the kitchen we can name here are the air frier review, the rice cooker, deep fry machine, etc. and some other supported machine such as the smell machine, ozon washing machine, etc. below are some of the most common electric equipment in the kitchen that are the most effective and useful for you.

  1. Rice cooker

As its name saying everything. This is the stuff use for cook the rice. You just need to put rice with suitable amount of water in the cooking pot, place at into the cooker and press the rice cooking button, the rest will be done by the cooker. It also provides the function of warming the rice if you do not use the rice immediately, so you always have the warm rice for your meal.

In fact, rice cooker is more famouse in Asia countries because people here eat more rice than in the Western and American countries, however the rice cooker is not only using for cook the rice, the are many other functions of it that very useful in the kitchen such as steaming, baking the bone. People also use the rice cooker to bake the sponge cake, simple but easy. The modern rice cooker provides the function of time setting and cooking modes for different indredients. The useful and multi-function of the rice cooker are the reason why it is take the number one place in this list

  1. Air fry

By the increase in proportion of obesity, people nowaday are tend to eat less deep frying food than in the pass. However, frying food and its taste is great when using on whatever kind of ingredient, so the born of air fryer is really a savior for people who love the frying food. This equipment use the power of electric to heat the air inside the cooker, then that heat will cook the food.

By using this equipment, you do not need to add any fat or oil when cooking but the dishes still get the great golden skin. Moreover, when using this equipment, you can choose the suitable mode to cook and leave it there to do other job, the time setting function will help to turn off the power when the food is cooked or when the set time you put is over, there is no other burning cases as you fry food in the common pot. This way of cooking is much healthier than the tranditional way of cooking, so what do you choose between ar frier and the deep frier?

  1. Smoker

This is one of the famous outdoor cooking equipment but of course, it is still in the field of kitchen equipment. This stuff help you to make your own smoked food at home without buying in the market, which you can not know its origin. It also can be use it a slow cooker for barbecue with large amount of ration. Based on your using frequency, you should choose the suitable size for your using purposes, all of the size is designed with the racks inside to maximum the cooking space and help to cook the food evenly. About the power sources, there are 2 choices for you, one is electric and the second is the gas smoker.

As many reviews and my experiences, the electric smoker is safer and easy to use at home. Moreover, the electric smoker is easy to adjust and control the amount of smoke in the box and you can use for more different kind of smoker and cooking equipment in the same time. The biggest advantage of the electric smoker than the gas smoker is the convenient when using because some of the electric smokers have design of cooking mode for different type of food. You just need to press the button and the rest is the job the smoker. But the gas smoker is suitable if you are on the camping.