March 4, 2016

Instructions on operating air compressor

Air compressor is a device that is quite important and necessary during the construction of buildings. In the course of use, we need to be aware of what devices use the most effective way and prevent the incident occurred. This article will give a few important considerations as the best air compressor reviews when using this machine. Readers can take some advice and prevention from the risks of this air compressor.

When using the compressor, you need to learn techniques on how maintenance is conducted to ensure that the compressor is operating in the best state. Due to the standard air compressor usually requires no daily maintenance, so users often neglect the maintenance, machine maintenance led to the later will be more expensive. Therefore, users should pay attention to the instructions for maintenance, help machines run better and last longer. Here are the guidelines for maintenance of air compressors useful for customers

Principle 1: Read and follow the manual compressor

Do not read the instructions and use the correct type of your air compressor is the fastest form of damage to the unit. Some simple guidelines will be listed in the manual machines, which can help users extend the life of the machine – it is the very simple job, but you will not think about without reading directions paste. Moreover, if the instructions are not using the unit, you can’t miss the opportunity factory warranty. Therefore, we encourage you to read the directions carefully before using the machine.

Principle 2: Smoke entire wet gas in the bottle

Compressed air tank is home to a lot of moisture from the air to compress, especially when it is placed in areas where compressed air humid climate. The first compressed valve to discharge the entire wet gas accumulation in the bottle until the bottle completely dry. Before flushing make sure that all the gas pressure in the bottle has been discharged.

Principle 3: Clean the air intake pipe

When the compressor has to work too much to gas load, machine performance will decrease, and eventually will reduce the quality of the machine. So please regularly check inlet and always keep them clean as possible, especially when the compressor operating in dusty environments.

Principle 4: Whirlpool tight all joints

Air compressors are one type of engine vibration, removable, so the screws, joints and bolts will be loosened when operating the machine. Check the screws, joints and swirling periodically tighten if it is found to be easing.

Principle 5: Check the regular pipeline

Check the pipes because they are periodically compressor path. If the pipe is cracked or worn down, they would be very susceptible to air leakage. So check out the pipes of the machine regularly and if it is discovered phenomenon pipeline damaged it must be replaced immediately.

Principle 6: Check the safety system interrupts

Compressors can be equipped with a safety system that can disconnect itself off when overheating, or the oil pressure of the engine at very low levels. The inspection safety system interrupts regular help users ensure the long-term use of the machine.

Principle 7: Check and replace air filters as needed

A dirty air filter will only cause further damage to the machine because of the dirt from the outside environment into the machine more, meaning that the machine will have to work more to aeration. Check the air filter regularly and change their machines if it is found too thick layer of dust on the filter. If using the machine regularly, the air filter should be replaced every 6 months.

Principle 8: Clean the fuel tank

As with any motive, the user must clean the fuel tank periodically to ensure optimal operating conditions of the engine. You should be aware to clean engines 1 time / year to remove fouling substances, which helps to maintain the longevity of the engine and more efficient.

Principle 9: Check and change oil

If you are using oil-powered air compressor, you should check the machine’s oil daily to ensure the best for the machine. You should change oil for machine operation when the machine is 500-1000 hours to ensure the maximization of the operational functions of the machine.