November 20, 2015

How to use effectively air purifiers in summer

The placement of some machines in your house should avoid contacting with direct sunlight or closing the cooling device; Hold on a wall about 90cm on both sides, from the gases discharged to the atmosphere to contaminate the wall…

best air purifier are devices that has function to remove some dirt tiny size and allergy-causing agents in the air, such as bacteria, mold, pollen, by suction, filtration and retention of contaminants infection through standard grade HEPA filter dust or the ability to remove unpleasant odors with activated charcoal. Thanks to features, clean air, deodorizing effectively to improve the living environment of air purifiers should become important items in every household.

However, consumers need to understand and use correctly, the new machine really works.

  • Choose right levels

Accordingly, air purifier for smoke has many types with many different power levels to correspond to each area which need air filters, so shoppers notes to users that they should choose products that suit to the needs and area of ​​using. Machine Placement in a confined space will be more effective open space, with regular exchanges with the external environment.

You also pay attention to the machine on a flat surface, stability, certainty, avoid direct sunlight, avoid to close the cooling or heating device; Hold on a wall about 90cm on both sides, from the discharged gases to the atmosphere lead to the dirty wall. In addition, users need to pay attention to the special settings for more convenience when used.

These types of advanced air purifiers are usually integrated automatic scans by the sensor and automatically select appropriate operational modes besides the default function air filter (pollen filter; deodorant; humidifier Help is always low humidity room suitable for health and skin moisturizer in the dry season, especially when using regular conditioning, …); These features help to pause when the air conditioning in the room was cleaned saves energy efficient; Sleep Timer mode is handy, quiet operation does not affect sleep …

  • How to preserve

On the issue of cleaning, some people recommends that we should clean it periodic at least once a month or maybe sooner if sanitary area air filter or filters contaminated much.


These parts require to clean including water tanks (if using a humidifier functions regularly, so daily sanitary water tank with clean water), particulate filter (vacuum); water tray, tray lid (washed with water), chassis (with a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the body); dust sensors (with brush). Membrane systems were old and needed to be replaced from time to time prescribed by the manufacturer, or possibly sooner.

When choosing to buy air purifier, you should note that choosing products from prestigious brands. In particular, the products, which was manufactured in Japan often, have features and advantages over; Inverter selected or Eco mode saves energy. Also, good air purifier must have certification from the agency reliable evaluation of the ability to effectively remove allergy causing agents, typically the Research Association of British allergens ( Allergy UK).

  • Some famous brands

Currently, some brands of air purifiers manufactured in Japan to achieve certification of Hitachi Application Allergy UK as the advanced HEPA filter size large, multi-layer structure, Hitachi air purifiers capable filtration efficiency and dust particles have tiny size from 0.1 to 2,5micromet with regional conditions the air filter should be closed. PM2, 5 is only indicative of the standard concentration of floating particles in a cubic meter of air.

The higher this index means that the air pollution in that place as serious. In addition to efficient air filtration, filter is integrated deodorizing filter intense, with thick texture contains three powerful deodorant from charcoal, activated carbon and zeolite catalytic reduction radically help so many kinds of odors, reduce the concentration of formaldehyde released into the air.

Besides confirming the air cleaning effect as the name of the air purifier. also confirmed the machines are limited term operation and is only a means to support life. Therefore, the users themselves should also pay attention to keep every nook and cranny in the house clean; enabling indoor air convection to enhance oxygen and good digging carbon dioxide eliminator; display the green pots supports clean air.