March 16, 2016

How To Choose The Best Weed Wacker For Gardening

Many people often take a lot of time to make their garden become clean. In this post today, we  would like to introduce all of you the weed eater reviews to make sure that you can save times as well as energy every doing gardening.

  1. Mowers Wild-Wild Grass OREC-HR662

Product Name: Machine cutting weeds, weeds, for cleaning industrial park lawn, trim the grass to forest fire protection, weeding the garden, rubber, coffee plantations, orchards, Manufacturer: OREC.

Origin: JAPAN

Model: HR662.

Type of operation: Push hand – Walk followed.

Wheels: Slightly, spikes beyond rough terrain, mud,

Engine type: 4-stroke petrol forced-cooling, oranges hanging OHV.

Model engine: GB290P (MITSUBISHI – JAPAN).

Engine capacity: 8.0Hp.

Cylinder capacity: 298cc.

Maximum torque: 17.6Nm / 2800rpm.

The capacity of cutting width:  650cm.

Cutter height: 20-80mm.

Theoretical cutting speed: 10km / h = 6.500m2 / hour.

Gearbox: 3 No. Caption 1 reverse gear.

  1. The Machines That Suitable For Cutting Hoang Lac Grass.

Hoang Lac grass grows from tubers, reptiles land stems from the many twigs. Each twig grows in parallel with 4 leaves. Oval leaves tapering gradually plump stem, leaves about 3 cm long and 2 cm wide. Brilliant yellow flowers, size 10-15 mm, grow on long stems 4-6 cm. This is a soft-bodied grass, easy to cut, so we can use the lawn mower line of hand-held electric for small lawns or the type stacker (lawnmowers table) for larger lawns.

For specific cases, there will have the appropriate models to be applied to the carpet.
With the garden  that has a small area, such as in home gardens, villas, villas, resort, villas, resort, or those which require low noise, the cut mainly women, or people in middle age , seniors can use the line portable lawn mower with the first electric lawn mowers is 220V charge. Features of this camera are lightweight, easy to use and manipulate. More importantly, it does not cause noise as gasoline lawn mower line. The series represented many clients that we use during the past appreciation including lawn mowers Black & Decker GL5530 220V US or electric mowers and mowers Gardena 8852 Gardena Electric Germany’s 8845 … and some others.

For customers in the older age group, or a woman, we can use the lawn mower that does not flow engine. With this type of lawn mower, we will make sure that there is no noise during its operating time. The principle of operation of this model, based on the thrust of the cutter, the two sides will spin the wheel and drives the structure toad (like toad bike). Through this structure, will drive to wrap tang (tongue) will wrap grass is grass goes through the gap between the blade and wrap tang.

This gap is adjusted depending on the density of the grass grows thick or thin. Thus, this model is suitable for the customer; the grass has been cut just sports card collection. In addition, it also contributes to reduce labor costs and rental services lawn. Typical series: hand push lawn mower 54 Husqvarna engine

We can use the lawn mower line stacker electric or hand push lawn mower with gasoline engine in the rear grass collector bin.  Features of this camera are the grass after cutting is flat, uneven growth and better development. With grass collector bin, we will easily be collected after cutting grass, cleaning and reducing labor cost savings in lawn care. With gasoline engines, we have the series: hand push mowers self-propelled Honda HRU 216 M2TBUH – genuine, self-propelled lawn mowers Husqvarna LC Sweden 356 AWD genuine, hand push mowers Makita dynamic PLM4631 4-stroke gasoline engine, …. push type lawn mower with electric hand. We have the series: hand push mowers Gardena electric motor of Germany 42 euros for those under 800 m² lawn mowers or electric stacker Gardena 32E for the garden less than 300 m².

With large lawns, up to several thousands of hectares or acres, we can use the lawn mower rider line. With the initial investment cost is relatively large, but in the long term this model will cost than hand push lawn mower line by line if using hand push lawn mower will cut very slowly, rising costs labor, fuel costs and management costs, as well as lawn care costs as much fertilizing, watering more. With hand push lawn mower, then we should take in large numbers to ensure efficiency in the grass for lawn trimming this type.