January 15, 2016

How to choose and use a meat grinder

Using industrial meat grinder to grind the meat at home now is the choice of many women because we can process any time you want but reassured that safety thanks made their own hands.

So choosing a meat grinder how is reasonable and consistent with the need to use? This kind of meat grinder use for cutting meat. This kind of machine is kind of meat grinder compact but capable of strong mill with a capacity of 1000W. If you doubt about the usage of this machine, you can read meat grinder reviews and have a good look about meat grinder.

Besides the ability to grind meat and fish, you can also use the machine to cut or pureed vegetables types valid as garlic or grains. A machine but little but brings a lot of convenience to you in the kitchen and now I will guide you the experience using a meat grinder


  • Suggestions to avoid loss of nutrients during storage and cooking:

– The nutrients in vegetables are often destroyed by light, temperature, air and water. Sources of heat and light will destroy vitamin C in vegetables. The tubers should be stored in a cool place with orange and dark

– Carrot, radish … may not need to peel because the shell also contains a number of nutrients and fiber.

– Cut vegetables into pieces as wide as possible. Cut vegetables into small segment may exceed the loss of nutrients and make it cool faster vegetables surface by air exposure is small.

– During cooking, use as little water as possible. Water helps retain vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin group B. Use of steamed vegetables are better than cooked. Should the autoclave under a sufficient amount of water for later, you can reuse this water to mashed vegetables.

  • Use meat grinder properly

Before using a meat grinder, then you need to read the manual to see if the food does not reach into the machine to grind in the grinding quality and increase machine longevity.

Should check inside the machine because if you miss a little hard to machine materials will damage the machine, or worse, spinning propellers.

Should food preparation before putting them in a meat grinder. You should cut the pieces a little food, making food is pureed and smooth.

When grind should not serve large quantities of food 1 into the machine will take more time and finished products created not puree.

Besides, you also need to investigate further product information and do not forget to refer to the comments of those who have purchased the product you considering buying.

Now I would like to introduce some products are quite popular on the market today and many people believe your reference.


  • Guide the way to preserve meat grinder properly

A product if you know how to preserve, it will use for long time. Therefore, you should take care of preserving this kind of product to have long durability.

The market now has many diverse kinds of meat grinder from blender to blender domestic market sausage meat to help consumers more choices for own needs. In addition, portable meat grinder is also a worthy choice for your attention with its light weight and convenience needed by the device.

Before or after drunk, you have to clean up the meat grinder careful to increase machine longevity and ensure hygiene for your family.

Food after grinding if not used immediately then encased in sheaths and placed in the freezer to prevent damage caused by the bacteria exposure and high temperatures.

Only ingredients from beef, pork simple, but when chopped or pureed, they have countless ways to prepare the best dish. In order not to lose time to make mince, you should have a meat grinder.

Specialized meat grinder with special features than the versatile mill as each batch of meat grinding, meat grinding fineness are, grind faster, convenient to take meat out of the mill …

When you use your fingers to cut the size of meat in a blender and then tell. After use, wash immediately because the machines are prone to rust due to the quality of meat still clinging on the blade, and trees.

Not to dry nuts, leaves, roots and fruits in a blender if not guided in machine.