July 12, 2016

Highlight 4 Main Advantages Of The Hahuma Pregnant Pillow

Now there are many sites that sell U pillow pregnant but choosing a well- known place to buy a good quality as well as high assurance seems to not easy. If you are wondering about how to choose the best maternity pillow, should you read the following article? We would like to introduce the Hanuman pregnancy pillow which is considered as the best friendly tool of mothers during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Why pregnancy pillow was HAHUMA favorite gourd sister so much? The following feature will help all of you guys to find the answers.

The Best Standard U Design

U-shaped pillow of the Hahuma brand owns the size 0.75m in width x 1.45m in length, which is really suitable for all pregnant physique and support when lying, as well as sitting easily. All pregnant women who have different physique will find comfortable sleeping with this pillow. Pillow designs are designed in a U-shaped balance that looks very stylish, as well as eye-catching aesthetics.

The best advice for you is that should you not choose pregnancy pillow whose size is too short due to the fact that this one will not be able to support all pregnant mother’s body while sleeping, especially pregnant women who is tall or owns the oversized body. On the other hand, short knees could not support all pregnant women so it is very inconvenient for the mothers when lying. In addition, some type of pregnancy pillow is designed quite carelessly in which the U-shape looks very unattractive.

The Mattress Inside Is Really Soft.

It is estimated that the Hahuma pregnancy pillows are stuffed with 3.3kg cotton, which weighs a total of 3.7 – 3.8kg. Therefore, ¬†the pillow is always plump which can be able to bring the smooth feeling for the users when lying up with a reasonable settlement, supportive head, shoulders, back, hips, abdomen and legs for best pregnancy. Premium cotton fibers should have a good degree so you can freely use the pillow for a long time without worrying collapse, as well as subsidence. Treated cotton fiber absolutely does not contain allergenic chemicals so it is safe for pregnant women’s health.

Some pregnancy pillows on the market are cheap but less cotton stuffing to reduce costs. Because so little cotton stuffed pillows flatten very quickly, using a pillow in a long time will reduce the elasticity of the product and make it hard to remain its original shape. To protect the health, it is suggested that mother should not select to buy the cheap pillows because it may not guarantee the quality. It is reviewed that the fabric pillowcase can residual bleach, dyes; cotton stuffed inside containing impurities, are hypoallergenic for pregnant women.

The Harmonization In The Design

Pillow for pregnant women must not only be smooth, has a long puff, made of cotton absorb sweat well, but it also meet the fashion and aesthetics of the users. With the Hahuma pregnancy pillow, you can see that the thread is sew carefully, meticulously, elastic fabric, so you can be free for lying, sitting, washing pillowcases without worrying about slipping stitches, broken.

In particular, the Hahuma pregnant pillow owns the zipper as well as thread with the same color so it looks very stylish and sophisticated. This is a remarkable difference of the Hahuma pregnancy pillow compared to other types of products on the market and this feature will not be found in any other pillows on the market. Ultra soft pillow, eye-catching design, fashion will pass more inspiring mother sleep elected.

The Super Fabrics, And Cool Material

Currently, Hahuma pregnant for women is considered as one f the best choice for the picky mother. Korean super soft cotton, super-smooth brings the consumers smooth feeling, soft to the skin, especially the sensitive skin. Soft fabric surface always make the mothers feel comfortable when sleeping all night. In addition, the fabric is also very soft, which can not cause wrinkles, folds in the skin when  sitting as well as lying on the pillow in a long time.

Moreover, Korean fabrics are as cool and ultra cool as silk, which can be able to absorb sweat better. As a result, pregnancy pillow can be used year-round seasons. In particular, South Korea imported fabrics has the high quality based on the modern technology, so it is very safe for the mother during the process of using.