June 18, 2016

Guiding You How To Keep Wine For A Long Time

A very important point of this article is for you to understand the importance of preserving your wine is always a constant temperature in all the time. The extent and speed of the change in temperature is very important. A gradual change between summer and winter in a few degrees, it will not matter. The daily temperature changes would harm the wine, and it makes your wine aging faster.

The most important principle while preserving the wine is to avoid large temperature changes or fluctuations. You will feel the damage caused by this natural immediately from the changes around the cork. Over time, the button repeatedly expands and shrinks and will damage the integrity of the button and lead to damage of alcohol… If you look closely you will see the button pushed, pulled into. If the button is pushed too much protruded out of the bottle. Edgestar Wine Coolers will be a good choice for you.

A quick way to check this is that you remove the foil wrap around the bottleneck, but you do not do this when you are a wine business investment. Doing so will not sell and you are harmed.

That does not mean that you can keep your wine for a week and end up with great wine. Just a little change in the opposite direction if stored at temperatures 28 ° C (82F) within a month you will see damage to the right. If the temperature at 12oC (55F), the wine aging slowly and you do not have to worry about the quality of it.

Note That White Wines Are Affected By Temperature Than Red Wine

Cold temperature stability is part of the process of making wine and white wine. Wine is chilled at a temperature of 4 ° C (25F) to store in a few days it will occur eventually precipitate and you can see at the bottom of the bottle of white wine in the refrigerator to preserve the small-scale particles tiny.

This is because no cooling wine stable during winemaking. This is not necessarily an error, but only a part of the process of winemaking.

Do not store sparkling wine in the refrigerator in order to for the special day. Doing so until that day, you do not have many opportunities to celebrate. Bubble will go away when you leave wine in the fridge for a day or two, then you should take it out of the fridge and put it back into the cellar.

 What You Can See And Try The Wine Tasting Damaged By Heat?

Normally the cold air due to change in order to reach the desired temperature. Once the temperature reaches the required level, the standard refrigeration equipment also ends. When the temperature rises to a predetermined point, the machine operation and the cold air is blown into again. This causes the temperature up and down constantly and the temperature cycle is not good for your wine.

Designed to recover heat and humidity. Standard chillers are designed to remove heat and moisture from the food. Heat quickly eliminate and prevent icing and moisture to avoid mold. So the civil refrigeration equipment is not suitable for wine storage. Once the air conditioning sucked the moisture in the air, it makes the wine is dry and nodes shrink, the air will spill into the bottle and cause damage to your wine.

Construction Cost Is Not A Criteria

The commercial refrigeration equipment is usually designed with competitive prices but are noise and vibration while working. When noise and vibration is not a priority and detrimental to preserve wine.

Temperatures Do I Preserve My Wine?

When tasting wine, the first thing is you need to do is look at the wine. What color? Dark or bright colors. Then you poured and gently shake to enjoy the smell of alcohol. Then you click a small sip to enjoy the rich flavors of the wine aroma was emanating. A liquid will evaporate when it heats up so you want to drink our delicious, the temperature must be lower than room temperature. By room temperature means the surrounding temperature. There is a huge difference between the room temperature in the mountains in winter and the beach in the summer. Below are listed the wine storage temperature.