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February 22, 2016

Choosing to buy a vacuum cleaner according to the elements

Origin and warranty, in accordance with the characteristics, uses, select power, weight, flexibility and noise level of the machine, functions and accessories.

In addition to the warranty, you should expect that your vacuum cleaner can operate from one to 20 years. Of course this time period depends on whether you care how vacuum cleaners, besides, depending on the brand and type of vacuum cleaners are purchased. Careful selection of the vacuum cleaner will ensure that you get the longest life expectancy of the best shark vacuum.

  • Origin and warranty

When to buy the vacuum cleaner should select products with names such as: Hitachi, Sanyo, Electrolux, Panasonic Samsung … by all with genuine service center and always have spare parts.

Currently, common warranty of the vacuum cleaner is a year, although some vacuum cleaners provide warranty service 5 years. Make sure that you register your product warranty eligibility required.

  • In accordance with the characteristics

The first experience that is should buy a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate size with an area of ​​the house. Because the size of the machine not only increase the aesthetics of your house that its vacuum effect also associated with an area of ​​the house.

If you live in a small apartment, the large-sized vacuum cleaner, large container capacity will be a “burden” for your house, you’ll even encounter difficulty in storing the idle machines use. Conversely, if you are in a house with a larger area and includes many, many generations living together but choose a vacuum cleaner with small size can not vacuuming performance results, and will create a “burden” for the vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner should also suit the interior design of the house. If you are kind of hard floors and smooth as tile or wood flooring, the flowers should buy type vacuum cleaner cat gut tube forms connection box with suction toothbrush.

  • Choose to buy a vacuum cleaner for the purpose of use


Vacuum the room. Type: Select the type of machine is designed with a capacity of 1,000 W.

Multi-functional design, with suction round, small help bring into the home corner, doors, cabinets, straw.

Machine-shaped brush that can be used both in vacuum cleaners or carpet tile floor.

Limitations of this machine is smoking water.

Vacuuming on desks, computer desks, books, on the altar, tables, chairs, cabinets mosaic …

Select the type of battery-powered handsets, the power less than 50W.

  • Vacuuming wood floor

Model: Choose the form of robot vacuum machine or worn on the shoulder with light weight.

This type is usually designed with the brush head can fit just vacuumed clean, not scratch the surface.

Vacuuming for thin carpets of wool on the couch or on fabric, clothes, blankets …

Below the bread machine motor rotation rate, while pushing on the surface of the carpet, cloth, dust cake to help evaluate and rate suction sand, dust into the machine.

No smoking is dust in the corners and edges of the stairs, because the machine is only suitable for the type of plane.

  • Select the low capacity power and high suction capacity

Things to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner suction power is. With a capacity of suction is too weak would be inconvenient.

However, the capacity to distinguish different capacity vacuuming machine. In which capacity is the capacity of the power consumption. There are models have an enormous power vacuum but weak capacity, the plant will be very expensive like electricity.

  • Weight, flexibility and noise of the machine

Users should also consider the weight and height of the vacuum cleaner before deciding to buy them. If you have problems with the spine or any physical problem, the key is that you do not select any type of machine that weighs too heavy for you which will make your health problems worse. If vacuum vertical height too low can cause many troubles because you will have to bend your back too much to operate them. So make sure you choose a versatile wheels to move easily.

Besides weight, the machine’s noise level is very noticeable. Noise level as low as possible the machine, but the machine has approximately 40dB-60dB noise level, some kind of machine noise level of about 70dB-80dB huge. If you can not stand loud noise, do not buy these machines.