April 27, 2016

Benefit Of Led Grow Lights For Indoor Planting

Nowadays, with the development of technology, led grow light for indoor planting has become more important with role such as hydroponic in indoor planting. Starting by a small market with dedicated demand with the own brands however today, led grow light has become more popular with effect in indoor planting from grass, vegetable to fruit.

If you want to plant an indoor garden in your house then surely the led grow light is the indispensable device to do this. With the best led grow lights, your garden will be care and cultivate properly and effectively. In this article, we will introduce the most highlight benefits of led grow light for indoor planting.

Characteristic Of Led Grow Light

After a difficult period with Led technology, indoor planting by using led grow light has become mainstream. Led grow light is designed to create the light with similar effect as sunlight.

In fact, led grow light not only is another choice to save energy compared with using high pressure sodium with high power but also is very helpful for cultivation in the small spaces because led grow light can create the certain wavelengths in spectrum therefore tree will absorb light of led grow light faster compared with high pressure sodium and tree can metabolize nutrients to energy through photosynthesis process to development creating leaves, flower and fructification.

Benefit Of Led Grow Light

During 40 years, if you want to have an indoor garden then you just have some choices when you decide to choose lamp to shine for indoor planting for example: mercury vapor bulb, metal halide lamp or compact fluorescent. In all cases, purpose of user is the same that is try to create the light which is similar as sunlight to shine for tree in the house.

Tree needs to have sunlight for photosynthesis process to sum up necessary energy for development and fructification. As you known, sunlight is white light. According to experts, sunlight includes whole light in spectrum with the lights can be seen by eyes such as red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and the radiant lights in spectrum which we can not see by eyes such as ultraviolet (UV), gamma ray and infrared ray.

The traditional lamps are designed to try to copy this white light and they also have the certain success however they are still limit because the lamps is not effective. Each different tree will have demand about different light and most of trees just develop with a limit area in lighting range including red, orange and blue because many processes and chemicals in photosynthesis are just ready to happen and sometimes they just happen in this lighting range.

However, there is about 15% light created by high pressure sodium or compact fluorescent having in the necessary lighting range for photosynthesis of tree but there is 90 to 99% light created by led grow light to be used immediately for photosynthesis of tree therefore today led grow light has become popular to be applied in indoor planting.

However with this thing, the traditional method for cultivation, cycle of light, warming and cooling, nutrients as well as demand about water of tree also need to change if you want to use led grow light for your tree.

You will need to adjust concentration of nutrients to be suitable with led grow light. You also need to change cultivation cycle, development of leaves and flowers. In each packet of seeds, manufacturer will write instruction about how to plant them indoor or outdoor however most of instruction will base on assumption that they will be planted by high pressure sodium instead of led grow light but the difference between planting by high pressure sodium and planting by led grow light is very large.

As mentioned above, led grow light will provide for tree 6 to 8 times lights in necessary spectrum for development therefore you will need to change strategy to gain the best results with led grow light. Led grow light is not necessary to be more complicated or more technical characteristic compared with high pressure sodium or compact fluorescent but it is just simply another application for indoor planting.