July 12, 2016

All The Method To Clean Your Pool

Water purification equipment swimming pool circulation system is modern, the pool needed to help filter and clean water to the maximum extent, ensure the pool water clean and safe for health.

From that, you will know more about this product and then get the Best pool vacuum for the pool.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Method Hanoi Best Performance

Your home has a swimming pool, as you want, but how to maintain the pool water clean and safe. To achieve that requirement, it is important to know how effective water treatment, not for the bacteria, mosses, algae grow in water. In addition, the most effective way is to always control the chemical concentrations and the pH of the basic operations, combined with the concentration of the chemical test box.

Using automated chemical magnets

If you chose to use the motto chosen for water treatment chemical pool safety is absolute. Ministry guideline will automatically analyze the water in the tank, then pumped automatic chemical guideline levels of chemicals in the swimming pool with a sufficient amount.

This product will operate in parallel with the water filtration system, so the water in the tank will be cleaned and ensure absolute safety for the user.

Using Manual Methods

A method of using water treatment chemicals such as chlorine, herbicides algae, adjust pH, sediment … so that when the swimming pool was checked by the test chemicals. But this methods can make your pool dirty.

Checking Ph And Cl:

PIKOM supplying chemicals, water treatment equipment Hanoi pool, water filtration systems, pumps, filters, … the most prestigious and quality, the products are imported units and are produced on advanced modern production lines in the world.

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Use Pool Vacuum To Clean Your Pool

The pool vacuum is a good product that help you purify your pool.  The pool vacuum is also suitable for concrete surfaces while it is the most appropriate to the tile or plastic surface. Our selling price is 800 USD respectively, and 1200 USD.

Swimming is a sport always brings many benefits, help the body healthy, balanced and poured away all the daily troubles. The main pool is increasing demand should lead to reduced water quality and will cause serious skin diseases. Therefore, countries should pool is treated continuously with effective water filtering material.

In a water filtration system, the filter material has always been considered the most important component. It works for water treatment, removal of impurities, toxins, bacteria, harmful bacteria in the water.

We are proud to provide filtration equipment, water treatment solution for the system with fresh water pool. Includes 3 methods are:

The Physical Method

Sand Filter: Use a filter size changes, sand filter material. When we use pool vacuum to purify your pool, the solid particles will be filtered out.

The Chemical Method

Use additional chemicals: can add a number of chemicals in the swimming pool to prevent the problem of water hardness, which kills microorganisms and prevent corrosion of the membranes and neutralize such substances chlorine and ozone.

Refining: help remove suspended solids processes. This method is highly effective in removing large particles but can not filter them all.

For chemicals into a bucket of water while stirring to dissolve, then spread evenly over the surface liquid pool.

After catching hold water in the lake at rest after 24 hours, when impurities were precipitated and deposited bottom of the pool, then start the implementation of the sanitary suction tank.

Concurrent operation of circulating water filtration system continuously for 6 hours

Demineralization, softening: Use of ion exchange equipment, then replace them with the positively charged ions and will reduce water hardness reduction.

Disinfection by Chlorine: This measure is most always be applied.

Water treatment equipment such as pool chemicals kill algae, pH adjustment, filter sediment, chemical flocculation, making water balloons, water filters, purifiers into pools, .. only distributed in PIKOM most favorable prices, together with post-maintenance services, after-sales and consulting the most effective use.

Many measures can purify your pool. You can consider and choose the best way. But can be said, using pool vacuum is the best way.