November 14, 2015


 We all know that our housewives are always busy with so much work. They have to work from the early morning until the night as they have to take full of responsibility for all the housework. Even though they are so busy, some people still say that doing housework is very simple and quick. It proves that thouse people do not understand about housework. However, our housewives are still very happy on the grounds that doing housework means taking care of families. In the today article, we will help you to list all the housework that should be done in one day.

  1. Clean the house

Cleaning the house is always the first task our housewives often talk about. In terms of cleaning the house, they have to sweep the floor with a brush or using a vacuum cleaner which is one kind of dusting the house. Then they have to clean the house with the cleaning gel which will eliminate all the bad smell in the house and bring good smell throughout the house.

  1. Do the dishes

Doing the dishes is also important. In the early morning, our housewives have to wash the cups. After every meal they have to wash the dishes. In spite of the fact that nowadays, we have dish washing machine, it is not popularized to houses. This type of machine is often used in big hotel and restaurant.

  1. Cut the grass

If your house has a garden then cutting the grass should be done often on the grounds that the grass grows up very quickly, especially when it is wet. The fast growth of the grass will lead to the appearance of worms that can make your children scared. That is why you need to cut the grass often. In addition, cutting the grass also helps to keep clean for the garden all the time.

  1. Do the laundy

Doing the laundry consists of washing clothes and iron in the clothes. These days, there are a wide variety of washing machines which will help us to wash the clothes more quickly. All we have to do is to operate the machine, set time then wait until the machine finishes washing. After the clothes are dried, we can iron some types of clothes that are easy to be wrinkled.

  1. Throw the rubbish

It is obvious that every day we release a lot of rubbish, including food residues and candy of our children. We had better throw rubbish every afternoon in order to avoid the smell spreading all around the house. This will be able to result in some diseases. In addition, if you have a garden, you have to look for dry grass to throw them to keep the garden green at all times.

  1. Feed the pets

If your house has some pets such as dogs or cats, it is essential for you to feed them every day. The pets are also our friends. When we agree to bring them up, it means that we are responsible for feeding them.

Apart from this, the pets are sometimes very dirty on the grounds that they play all the time in the garden, on the ground and in the street so there are so much dust and dirt on their fur. For this reason we have to help them clean their bodies. Once or twice a week washing their fur is enough. You also have to create fun for them to make them obey you.

Here is almost all the housework in a day. You can imagine that our housewives are very busy doing this. Therefore, we had better give them a lend more often.