September 22, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should have a ring sling

If you simply want to carry your baby around your house so that you can do your housework, of course, you cannot use a stroller. And if letting your baby all alone make you feel uncomfortable then you should think of a way to carry your baby.

There are plenty of ways you could use to wear your baby including using a baby carrier, a baby wrap and ring sling.

Using ring sling seems to be the easiest and quickest method. The best ring sling would offer you a lot of mobility as well as several benefits for you and your baby as well as you and your baby’s relationship.

Firstly, let’s look into more detail about why ring sling is so beneficial.

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Here Are Some Benefits Of Using Ring Sling:

1/ Using Ring Sling Is Good For The Relationship Between You And Your Baby

Using ring sling would help you to enhance and bond the relationship with you and your baby. When you wear your baby, you can pay attention to your baby’s needs as well his health situation. You will notice right away if he has reflux or colic.

2/ It Is Good For You

Just like skin to skin practice and breastfeeding, carrying your baby in a ring sling also offers a lot of benefits to your health as well as your mood.

When your baby is held closely to you by a ring sling, your body will automatically increase the level of oxytocin. Besides helping you to have a more intimate after birth bonding time, this level of oxytocin will help you to reduce the risk of getting postnatal depressions.

Because wearing your baby helps you to maintain your level of hormones, you will not experience moody fluctuations and will be way happier than moms who do not wear their babies.

 Furthermore, because ring sling helps you to carry your baby while you are working, therefore, you will feel less stressed. Now you are able to finish your housework in time and don’t have to experience crying baby.

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3/ Lastly, It Is Also Good For Your Baby

When you wear your baby using a ring sling, he will feel that he is loved and cared more, hence making him sleeping and growing better. They also tend to cry less. In fact, scientists have proved that carried babies will have the amount of crying time of less than 40 % than normal babies.

Babies who are carried by ring sling will be calmer and easier to sleep since they can hear their parents’ heartbeat and wake right beside them.

Furthermore, being closer to their parents, they are quicker to learn how to socialize as well as being able to tell about facial expression as well as language quicker than babies who are not carrying. 

Lastly, when you carry your baby with a ring sling, you would be able to see him all the time when he is sleeping. Also, your baby will sleep on his back as well. These 2 things help to prevent SIDs and SUDI- these incidents of unexpected deaths of infants.

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There are a lot of benefits that wearing ring sling can bring to both of you. Now if you want to buy one, let’s find out what you need to do in order to make the best decision:

Here Is What You Need To Consider When Choosing A Ring Sling:

    You need to consider your baby’s age as well as sizes. When choosing a ring sling, check its capacity to wear up to how much weight.

    There are different types of ring sling for different occasions: for example, you might want to choose a ring sling to carry your baby around the house or you might want to choose one to carry your baby out for a long day. These 2 purposes will lead to 2 different choices of a ring sling.

    You also need to choose the material of a ring sling that is suitable for the weather when you will carry your baby. If it is hot, go for soft and breathable material, if it is cold, go for thick material.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho baby wearing


Lastly, Here Are Some Tips On Using A Ring Sling Safely:

    You need to wear you baby as high so that his head is slightly over your shoulder and his bottoms are higher than you belly button.

    You also need to be able to see your baby face all the time, especially his nose and his mouth.

    Make sure you tighten the ring sling, especially the top rail. If you fail to do so, your baby might lean on and fall
to the ground.

    Your baby needs need to be in a squat position in order for the hips and bottom to develop properly.

 Overall, using a ring sling to wear a baby brings a lot of benefits not only to you and your baby but also to the  relationship between you and your baby. If you are looking for a way to carry your baby when you go out or even when you go around your house with ease then ring sling is your choice.

 I also hope that with some of the tips that I provide, you would be able to select the best ring sling that is right for you.

Hi! I am Tom Hardy, a toy advisor @ ToysAdvisors. I have three kids, and love to share with you about toys and equipments for kid